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"Juliana is a great teacher! She keeps her classes smaller so she can focus on her students if they need extra help. She always goes above and beyond and is always there if you have any questions once you leave the classroom. DaCosta School of Real Estate is the only way to go!!"
- Amanda K.

"Juliana is a fantastic instructor! Recently took the 63-hour pre-licensure course in July, and this past Saturday I took the real estate licensure exam and PASSED FIRST TIME AROUND! I must attribute my success to the time spent in class as much as my own studying. Learning pneumonics like the 'ladybug' and many others saved me when I sat down to the exam. Sign up for a course today, you'll be glad you did!"
- Leslie C.

"I love going to school and learning with Juliana. . She's makes thing soooo easy. Thank you Juliana. You've been a life saver for many...
I'm sure of it..."
- Linda R.

"Juliana is a great instructor, she provides a fun class..."
- Wendy B. W.

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